La Palestine sous le mandat britannique, 1917-1947

Directed by : Jakob Schlüpmann

On 9 December 1917, British troops enter Jerusalem. This is the beginning of a story that will make Palestine the site of a confrontation between Great Britain, the Zionist movement and the Arabs.

For Great Britain, this corner of the world is a key element of its Empire, for the Zionists the promise of a future Jewish state - a refuge from persecution - and for the Arabs the hope of asserting their independence and place in world politics.

For thirty years, between 1917 and 1947, Great Britain held Palestine's fate in its hands as a Mandate. A story of incompatible promises, of betrayal and changing alliances, of prejudice and rage, told day after day by the extraordinary images of American Colony photographers in Jerusalem

fiche technique

Author : Jakob Schlüpmann

Photography : Jakob Schlüpmann

Sound : Jakob Schlüpmann

Manager of production : Carole Ardoin

Editing : Jakob Schlüpmann

Original soundtrack : Manuel Bleton

Mixage : Renaud Duguet

Producer : Richard Copans

Partners : Cnc, Chaine Histoire & Procirep

Available version : français

Length : 52'

Format : Blu-Ray

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