Directed by : Jean Lallier

For the majority of the inhabitants of this planet there is one feat far more challenging in life than winning the Paris-Drakar rally or hang-gliding off the top of the Killimandjaro... it is to survive!
For Eskimos, Tupis and the Masaï, survival is possible thanks to the civilizations they have developped over thousands of years and it would be a catastrophy to see these cultures disappear.
The idea behind the series is to record for posterity, on film, the peoples of the planet. This is what the authors of this collection have endeavoured to do by completing the work already accomplished over more than 30 years by Jean Malaurie and other observers who have lived, some-times for lengthy periods, in threatened communities in order to transmit their experiences to us.

fiche technique

Author : Jean Lallier

Collection : Terre humaine

Producer : Les Films d'Ici

Partners : France 2

Length : 52'

ISAN : 000000019EBE0000400000000P

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