The Winds of Havre deal with the industry of the offshore wind energy. This industry will originate on the Norman coast in the years which come. How is born such an industry? What are the actors and the stakes? How the economic and social fabric will be transformed there? What expectations, which hopes and which concerns of such projects create at the inhabitants of Le Havre, Fécamp and Dieppe? What incidences on the environment? The maritime landscape? The documentary "The Winds of Havre" tries to answer these questions and many others by an exercise of prospective on the theme of the energy transition applied to a territory datum: Normandy.

fiche technique

Author : Alexandre Sredojevic & Benjamin Caillé

Photography : Jérôme Kempa

Sound : Samuel Tiennot & Pierre Bompy

Editing : Richard Poisson

Original soundtrack : Thomas Dappelo & Louis Romao

Mixage : Simon Lebel

Producer : Les Films d'ici - Sébastien Onomo

Executive producer : Sébastien Onomo

Partners : France Télévisions

Langue : Français

Broadcaster : France Televisions

Length : 52'

ISAN : 0000-0004-5B03-0000-7-0000-0000-G

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