Directed by : Stan Neumann

Ouverture du Festival Cinéma du Réel 2015

I opened a book: Austerlitz by W.G. Sebald. In it I met Jacques Austerlitz, an amateur photographer, a compulsive collector of all kinds of images, an art historian with unusual ideas and an obsession with 19th-century monumental architecture. I followed him, page by page, from Antwerp to London, from Paris to Marienbad, from Prague to the Terezin Ghetto, in search of the buried childhood secret. I looked for a path through the maze of his story, his words and his misleading images, through this tale made from snatches of real life - guided by the utterly absurd conviction that this book had been written just for me.

fiche technique

With : Denis Lavant & Roxane Duran

Author : Stan Neumann D’après L’œuvre De WG Sebald

Photography : Ned Burgess

Sound : Sylvain Copans

Manager of production : Anne Cohen-Solal

Editing : Louise Decelle

Original soundtrack : Dominique Pifarely

Mixage : Sylvain Copans

Producer : Richard Copans - Les Films d'Ici

Partners : CNC

Langue : Français

Available version : VOSTVF / VOSTVA

Length : 90'

Format : HDCAM / Blu-Ray

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