Témoins de la Shoah

Directed by : Chochana Boukhobza

From 1940, French and Belgian soldiers, confined in German war camps will try to escape back to their country. Recaptured multiple times, 25 000 of them will be sent to a punitive camp in Rawa Ruska, Galicia, a region of the Ukraine where they will face the extermination of the jewish population by the Waffen SS and Ukrainian militias. Eight escapees, now centenarians, bear witness.

fiche technique

With : Nathalie Richard (voix)

Author : Chochana Boukhobza

Photography : Carole Ardoin

Sound : Baptiste Houssin

Manager of production : Florence Gilles

Editing : Claudine Dupont

Original soundtrack : Jean Pelet dit Nano

Mixage : Amélie Canini

Producer : Serge Lalou & Charlotte Uzu

Partners : La Procirep – Société des Producteurs et de l’ANGOA

Langue : Français

Length : 62'

Format : HDCAM / Bluray

ISAN : 0000-0004-78DF-0000-W-0000-0000-F

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