Directed by : Natalia Almada

Mention spéciale dans la section fiction mexicaine, Prix de la Meilleure actrice pour Adriana Barraza au Festival de Morelia 2016, Adriana Barraza nominée aux Ariel 2017 (Oscars mexicains) comme meilleure actrice dans un premier rôle

Doña Flor is a bureaucrat. It is in everything that comprises her, her non-descript beige blouse, practical heels and knee-length skirts. For over three decades she has attended frustrated and indignant citizens to whom she is nothing but an invisible, lifeless bureaucrat, and has returned each evening to her cat and solitary apartment where she makes obsessive lists of the people she attended to during the day. Inspired by Hannah Arendt’s idea that bureaucracy is one of the worst forms of violence, "Todo lo demás" explores the interior life of Doña Flor as she attempts to resurface. A kind of “observational narrative” the film is a mesmerizing contemplation on solitude.

fiche technique

Author : Natalia Almada

Photography : Lorenzo Hagerman

Co-producers : Charlotte Uzu - Les Films d'Ici 2

Sound : Raul Locatelli

Editing : Natalia Almada & Dave Cerf

Mixage : Alejandro de Icaza

Producer : Altamura Films

Executive producer : Rune Hansen, Noah Kadner & Monica Reina

Langue : Espagnol

Available version : Espagnol, Anglais, Italien

Length : 98'

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