The film director goes in Ukraine after a long absence for the death of her grand mother.
On the spot she discovers the legacy of her grand mother, a book collection, but she doesn’t know what she gonna do with it. Pending a decision, the film director revisits some places of her childhood, old neighbors, family, but also unknown peoples and unknown places. During her meetings we will learn the way the people have lived before the fall of the soviets and how they live today. At the end of her journey, the film director choose to bring back the grand mother’s books with her.

fiche technique

Author : Kateryna Svyeshnykova

Photography : Svetlana Aparina

Co-producers : Trempel Films - Yuri Leuta

Sound : Andrey Nidjelsky

Manager of production : Richard Copans

Editing : Manon Falise

Original soundtrack : Pauline Rambeau de Baralon

Mixage : Clement Laforce

Producer : Les Films d'Ici - Richard Copans

Executive producer : Richard Copans

Langue : Russe & Ukrainien

Available version : Français & Anglais

Length : 84'

Format : DCP

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